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Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra expected in the KRAs that the state should stand in the first three ranks in India. The dropout rate of the girls at the secondary level should reduce by 5%. The result of the SSC examination should be 100%.

At present, the secondary schools are facing problems of dropout of a number of students and the achievement of the learners is a cause of concern. The low achievers (below 45%) tend to dropout before they appear for the SSC examination. The RMSA is working on these issues vide GR dated 31st December 2016.
The process of restructuring the course-books is nearing completion. The teachers need to be oriented and provided continuous support throughout the year. So, the Regional Academic Authority, Aurangabad has planned and proposed this programme- CHESS (Continuous Help to the teachers of English from Secondary Schools).

The programme aims at 100 % result in the SSC examination. It’s a kind of continuation to the ALP initiatives to be carried out by the RMSA. The expectations mentioned in the PragatShaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM) GR dated 16th September 2016 would be fulfilled through the CHESS.

The improved quality of delivery and communication in the classroom as well as the linguistic development of the learners would result in creating interest in the language reducing the dropout rate considerably

Reach Of The CHESS Project

The reach of the CHESS project is wider than the earlier projects of RMSA in Maharashtra. At least one English teacher from each and every state board school is the member of English Teacher Forum. Every Block Resource Centre or Urban Resource Centre have their own forum. This is a major step in universalisation of education in secondary schools of Maharashtra. Expert guidance and support is now available to the English teachers at block level. The number of ETFs will be increased if there are more than 50 teachers in a block or centre.There were six ETF meetings in the first year of the project while the number of ETF meetings are 10. Out of these 5 are face to face meetings while 5 others are online ETF sessions. The Moderators are experts having completed four years of ELISS (English Language Initiative for Secondary Schools) training and have supported mentee teachers under the mentoring scheme before.

The project is technology-driven hence the ETF Moderators and Members will get ample opportunities of technology integration for online collaboration and creating their own Personal Learning Network.The real beneficiaries of the project are the students of standard 9th and 10th standard in Maharashtra. There are around 30 lakh high school students who will reap benefits of this project.

Objectives Of The CHESS Projec

After Capacity Building Of 428 Mentors Through High Quality Four Years’ Training Of ELISS, It Is Imminent To Make Advancements Towards More Decentralised, Informal And Sustainable Model Of Teacher Development For Learner Improvement. Making The Most Of The Rapport Among English Teachers Established In These Years, We Aim To Further Build The Trust By Introducing ‘English Teachers Forum’ Concept At The Secondary Level Education In Maharashtra Through CHESS (Continuous Help To Teachers Of English From Secondary Schools) Project.

To Build The Capacity Of The Teachers To Deal With The Course-Book Effectively

To Enable Teachers To Share How Their Learners Relate Learning Of English To Day-To-Day Life.

To Support And Facilitate Teachers To Develop Communication Skill Of The Learners, Mainly The Speaking Skill.

To Enable Teachers To Integrate Technology In The Teaching-Learning Process Effectively.

To Boost The Confidence Of The Teachers To Use English Language Effectively In The Classroom As Well As In The School Environment To Provide Maximum Exposure To The Learners.